It can be challenging to correctly pronounce the words in English, but there are different methods and tips that can assist you improve your pronunciation. Follow these few tips and you will be assured that your English pronunciation will improve and you will feel more confident while speaking the English language.

1. Listening

You can be surprised to hear that practicing the listening skill is one of the best ways  to become a better speaker. In a lot of different ways, you could do this:

  • Hear To Native English Speakers: Concentrate on the way how English speakers communicate with each other when  they are in social gathering. You’ll begin to recognize the techniques of pronunciation that you can’t get from a book.
  • Listen to Music, Movies, and Blogs: Through television and Movies, you will try to close your eyes. Try to listen carefully in which style people speak with each other.
  • Try to listen to yourself: close your eyes and relate to yourself. Can you notice a distinction between what you speak and how it would be said by a native speaker?

2. Notice the Tongue

Pronunciation also comes down to how the tongue is placed. Every language needs the tongue to do different things, and it can be difficult to force the tongue to speak another language after decades of speaking one language.

  • For sure it requires good exercise is to focus on the difference between the ‘L’ sound in the ‘light’ word and the ‘R’ sound in the right word.
  • By holding your tongue behind your front teeth, ‘L’ is created so that it touches the roof of your mouth.
  • R’ is established By pushing your tongue into the middle of your mouth.  Your lips also play a significant role when you pronounce the letter, it becomes subtly oval.

3. Concentrate on Terms That Cause You Trouble and Break Them Down

Did you crash into a lengthy, confusing set of letters? Do you forget when to utter a few words in a specific way?

Just pause, take a break and pay careful attention to the characteristics of that word if you hit a wall and don’t know how to pronounce a weird word. Its characteristics include pronunciation, syllables, and meaning. Pick the lengthy and complex word and break it up into parts is what you’ll need to do. Then put it back together slowly.

For example, February is one of the most frequently mispronounced words in the English language. People continue to pronounce it as Feb-yu-airy. If you look closely, you will see the r in the centre, and dividing it down means that it’s actually spelled Feb-ru-airy.

4. Record Yourself While Speaking

The quickest way to improve your vocabulary and grammar is to practice your English on your own. You can record yourself and listen to your own voice, to detect what area of improvement is required the most.

5. Visualizing

Visualization is a good learning process, and it can also help for pronunciation. Close your eyes and imagine the word you want to say by saying it. Try to concentrate on spelling it out. Look at the way your tongue, lips, and mouth should be placed. nIt is an easy technique so that you can do practise anytime and anywhere.

6.Use of mirror

When you speak those difficult words by standing in front of a mirror it will improve your pronunciation and you will  observe the shape of your mouth and lips as well.

 You may compare this with videos of native speakers of English who do the same thing.

7. Sing the Song

Singing popular songs can assist you to enhance your pronunciation and feel relaxed. Since you don’t have to come up with your own words and there’s a lovely rhythm to go along with it, singing will help you overcome with your hesitation 

Practice Perfects a Person

How to correctly pronounce English words can be one of the best aspects of learning English. But with practice, determination, and hard work. Shortly, you’ll find yourself getting familiar with all these new sounds. Registered¬† yourself for the best English-speaking course in Chandigarh with “English-Pro” to polish your communication skills.