Are you someone who understands but can’t speak English fluently? Do you face problems in converting your thoughts into the English language? Don’t worry; you are not alone! Non-native speakers often find it challenging to develop fluency in the English language.  We’ve compiled a list of top tips to help you improve your speaking skills.  

Let’s dive right in! 

Invest Some Time Daily

When learning a new language, every step forward is considered progress. So, it is high time to make a habit of investing some time regularly. Every day small steps will help you achieve your goal of developing a good English language command.  

Before forming the learning plan, it is imperative to clearly understand why you need English and what you will gain after having fluency in English.  The amount of time to invest in learning the English language is up to you. But, consistent efforts are necessary to achieve the goal of speaking English fluently.  

Use Your Native Language Less

For many people, English learning feels like a constant uphill struggle. It happens because they spend around 99% of their time speaking in their native language, and only 1% is left for English. So, make sure to find situations when you can use English instead of your mother tongue.  You don’t need to devote your entire day to learning English or start speaking English with those who love taking to you in your native language. All you need to do is learn to use the “Replacement” technique effectively.  

By using the “Replacement” technique, you can develop fluency in the English language. For instance, watch movies in English and listen to English songs with subtitles. Besides, you can incorporate English book reading, newspaper reading, and novel reading into your regimen.  

Don’t Fall Prey to Quick Fix Snare.

In this digital world, we are constantly exposed to a plethora of advertisements.  From TV to mobile phones, various ads are shown to make us believe that everything can be achieved easily without much effort.  However, in reality, the best things are achieved with consistent efforts for some time. 

When you start your English speaking journey, it is imperative to avoid gimmicks. Many books and online websites use some catching phrases to allure customers.  Some of the phrases include, speaking fluent English in 7 days, learn English fast, and the easy-peasy way to learn English. The journey of achieving fluent English is no cakewalk; you ought to take responsibility for your progress.  

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Join English Speaking Courses 

In countries like the USA or UK, native speakers gain fluency over the English because they grow up in an environment dominated by English. Constant contact and social interaction help them learn the language with ease.  Having your own native English speaking trainer can be a surefire way to develop fluency in English.  

Record your Practice Conversation 

Even if you do not live in countries with English as a native language, you can still gain access to the language by joining the English speaking course in Chandigarh.  This way, you will be able to use English as an efficient tool to form relationships or exchange information with people. Before joining an institute, make sure to inquire about the trainers’ certification that will help you in the learning journey. 

The use of mobile phones has become ubiquitous in everyone’s life.  You can use these handy gadgets to record yourself speaking. In the English speaking journey, you ought to keep an eye on your progress. By recording your speaking, you will be able to know the areas where you need more improvements. It can be vocabulary, sentence formation, or fumbling. After recording, take a moment to check: How did it go? Then, record again and witness your improvements. This will boost your confidence the next time you speak.     

Connect Your Hobbies and Interests with English 

Developing fluency in English shouldn’t be a challenging or boring process. If you learn with study materials that create your interest, you won’t feel bored. Training institutions often make the learning process enjoyable by asking aspirants to write down a list of hobbies and interests that motivate aspirants in their everyday lives.  Thereafter, trainers make aspirants think of ways to connect their hobbies with English.  For instance, if you love reading about cricket in your native language, you need to stop doing this and start reading about your favorite sports in English.  

Enjoy Small Wins 

People often quit their English speaking journey within a few days or weeks because of a lack of motivation. To overcome this obstacle, you can incorporate the habit of keep giving yourself treat after some progress.  Enjoying small wins is necessary to stay optimistic about your English. For instance, try to give a regular test conducted by your English-speaking institute.  Weekly vocabulary tests help you speak English fluently and make understanding the language easier.  

The Shadowing Method!

Technology is transforming the way we learn new languages. With the help of the World Wide Web, you can listen to audio or video clips by a native English speaker from the comfort of your place. Make sure to listen to or watch the video a few times so that you can be familiar with it. Be meticulous about a speaker’s intonation, emphasis, and pauses.  Making some notes on paper is also a great way to learn English.  Once you are done with the notes, try the “Shadow” method by repeating the passage the exact way the speaker used in the video.  By recording your voice, you can compare your version against the original.  

Bottom Line

Speaking, being one of the top four language skills, hold utmost importance in every area of life.  Whether communicating with colleagues or preparing for interviews, English fluency makes you stand out. 

Week communication skills can hamper one’s career growth and create issues in cracking job interviews.  A reputed institute for English speaking course in Chandigarh can help aspirants develop fluency in the English language.  So, make sure to choose the best among the rest.