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In today’s era English is not just a language but it is a big thing. It is not that English has no scope of your qualifications or intelligence, but because of being an international language, its importance increases automatically. A village or a city everybody wants everyone to speak the good English. If a person is less intelligent than you or less talented but knows English speaking, then he looks more talented than you in others’ eyes.This scale is not right from anything but it is a bitter truth at this time. Whether it is a government or a private English school, everyone is taught, but even then the children studying in government school are slightly behind in this matter. The reason for this is simple – not getting the perfect mahole. It is not that they do not understand English or they do not come in English, but the problem is only to talk to others in English, Understanding English and speaking English have two different points. So let’s see why you can not speak English and how to improve it:

English speaking

English speaking tips – how to learn spoken English through  

1) don’t think about grammar

Most people whose first language is Hindi or some other and they want to learn to speak in English but do not succeed properly even after attempts. Why so Because they focus more on learning English grammar and the English grammar rules in the rules. When a child is born then he does not know to speak any language but slowly hears the language around him and learn to speak that language. He is not taught grammar Even today, we do not use the correct grammar in Hindi too.It is not that English grammar has no significance, but if you want to learn to speak English, its importance is reduced. The importance of grammar is higher in exams. About 95% of people do not speak grammatically correct English, so do not stress too much on this.

2) What people will think

Many people do not talk with others because of fear or shame because of this, because they feel that if they did not use a line incorrectly or used a right word of grammar or a wrong word, then people They will mock them. But in reality, this does not happen. Everyone has a sense of insecurity for everyone, so stop thinking.Speak openly whatever comes.

If you speak in the language of Navjot Singh Sidhu – what will the world’s biggest disease think about me? It’s like a disease that is the biggest thorn in your way.

3) think in English

Many of you who want English speaking but make a mistake. It is a mistake to translate Hindi into English and answer again. Because of this, your brain is unable to process yourself. Therefore, instead of Hindi, start thinking in English, even if it is not grammatically wrong. At the beginning, this work may seem a bit boring or difficult, but gradually your brain will start taking it like a habit. And at one time it will come when English will also answer automatically as in Hindi. As a example – when a person learns driving then there is a lot of difficulty in the beginning of the beginning and he has to pay a lot of attention in it but at one time it happens that when your brain does not have time to drive but you can easily Driving because your brain keeps doing automatic processing without any conscious attention.if you are looking English speaking  courses institute in chandigarh then English pro provide best English speaking course in chandigarh more information visit our website

4) don’t think about vocabulary

Normally speaking, 1000 to 1500 words are needed to communicate in English, the rest slowly come with experience. So leave the habit of crying unnecessary words. Yes, if you are preparing for a competitive exam then there is a different thing. In this you need vocabulary but if your motive is English speaking then pay no attention to it.

5) Movie, serials, commentary or magazine

The most important thing is to learn anything, so that is a good atmosphere. Many people cry that they do not get an atmosphere of learning English language. If the environment is not found then it is your destiny, but it is your stupidness not to try to create that environment.

The environment means that all things come in an environment that will help you to teach something. If you want to learn to communicate well in English, then for a while, start watching movies, TV serials, news in English only. Along with this, start reading newspapers and magazines in English itself.

If you like cricket or any sport, then listen to the commentary in English. This is the environment that you have to make yourself. It may be a bit boring in the beginning, but do not leave in between. Continue for 2-3 months continuously. progress you will see yourself.

6) talk, talk and talk

Talk as much as possible in English. If you feel ashamed, you can talk to those who do not have English at all. You will not feel any embarrassment because whatever you are saying is not going to understand anything anyway. He will feel that you are speaking English. This will also get you practiced, even the loss will come out and the confidence will also rise. At the same time, there is a short distance from those people who demotivate you.

7) talk to customer care

These are funny but useful ideas. Create a list of toll free numbers of different types of customer cares and talk to them in English. Neither they will draw any shortfall or cut your phone. This will boost your confidence.

8) Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

If you feel that you are making mistakes while speaking, then do not panic at it. If you do not make mistakes then it means that you have not learned anything. So, while talking to you in Angji do not think that you have used the correct tense or not, the word is not wrong then etc. All these things will improve automatically with time.

9) Don’t Be perfectionist

At the end, take care of this, do not try to become a perfectionist from the beginning. Almost all people want from the very first day that they become absolutely perfect, quickly speaking English, which is the wrong attitude. Sachin Tendulkar did not become great in the first match and from the beginning, Amitabh Bachchan did not even get a fame.From the beginning, right from the beginning and fast, speaking in English, people get bogged down and can not say anything. And then feel embarrassed on himself. So relax speak comfortably. This matter does not matter how fast you are saying something, it matters how well you are explaining your point. As far as Speed ​​is concerned, it will grow itself on time.

And always remember one thing at the end. Sadhana is not possible without restraint. It takes some time to learn any work. Therefore, try to speak English for 5-6 months continuously, after which English speaking course in Chandigarh  will become an automatic part of your routine.

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