English speaking is of great significance for all countries, especially in India. India is the world’s second- largest English-speaking country. It is very essential to learn, read, speak, write, and express fluently in English. English is a beautiful language that brings in high context culture that values relationships and promotes flexibility. It teaches us to have the right manners, etiquette, and appreciate others and presenting yourself in a very polished manner. Americans are generally gentle, humble, kind, and wise. It’s reflected in the way they speak. They love talking unlike Indians who just say “okay”, sometimes don’t bother to do even that.

There are certain advantages to speaking in English. It makes travel easier, increases income, improves knowledge as the latest research papers are published in English. There are various ways to improve English. Setting realistic goals for each day, reading the newspaper, reading Bible, reading good devotionals, novels, magazines, grammar books, using good English-speaking applications like word web dictionary. Learning vocabulary daily and giving tests can enhance confidence. Watching TV shows like travel XP, series, movies, and surrounding ourselves with English speaking people can lead us to self- discovery as we start seeing the world beyond ourselves. English speaking course in Chandigarh has helped students to gain confidence by training them and boosting their confidence in speaking proficient English with vocabulary.

Indians get fascinated by the American accent. Americans appreciate the cultural respect which Indians give. Humans are the same everywhere. Foreigners love Hindi. Indians love English. The grass looks greener on the other side. Whichever language we speak, our hearts should be good. We must love God and humanity. That’s what really matters.