Personality Trait : Conscientiousness

Conscientiousness involves being mindful of those around you, from friends and family, to colleagues and even strangers. A conscientious person will be conscious of the first response that they build on alternative when they are introduced to new people, for instance.

They also feel a sense of duty towards others. They are aware of the effect that their words and actions can have on people in everyday situations.

Conscientious people will therefore take care not to negligently irritate or confused others by either their words or actions.

As a result of their careful behavior, conscientious people have been found to be less likely to be involved in driving accidents than those with less conscientious personality traits .

A person who is conscientious is most at comfort when they impression that they are coordinated . They prefer their surroundings – their bedroom, desk or office – to be tidy and presentable.

Their organized progress also expand to alternative distance of life: a conscientious person will generally be careful to be reliable, and to be on time for important meetings and appointments. They are keen to keep to their schedule, often maintaining a diary and making plans for the future, as well as budgeting for events well ahead of time.


Sub traits of the conscientiousness domain

Individual of the  personality traits is consist  with few sub traits. To check personality, these can be evaluation independently of the trait that they belong to. The sub traits of conscientiousness are :

  • Self-efficacy
  • Orderliness
  • Dutifulness
  • Achievement-striving
  • Self-discipline
  • Cautiousness


High conscientiousness means a person is responsible and reliable

Conscientiousness is about how a person restraint , improve , and conduct their influence . Particular with a big equal of conscientiousness on a career analyse are acceptable at develop long-range goals, organizing and planning routes to these goals, and working consistently to achieve them. Despite short-term obstacles they may encounter. Other people commonly identify a conscientious personality kind as a important and decent person.

However, particular who amount big in conscientiousness on a personality test can be passionate idealist and workaholics. They might also be seen as being boring or inflexible. Get a free personality check to educate more about your employment courage and to test personality.

Those who are high on the conscientiousness continuum also tend to:

  • Spend time preparing
  • Finish important tasks right away
  • Pay attention to details
  • Enjoy having a set schedule


People who are low in this trait tend to:

  • Dislike structure and schedules
  • Make messes and not take care of things
  • Fail to return things or put them back where they belong
  • Procrastinate important tasks
  • Fail to complete the things they are supposed to do

Goal-Oriented Behavior

The nature of conscientious people is generally motivated by their personal targets . They utilize their individual originality to set targets , and then concentrate their energy towards achieving them.

This can convert into greater aspiration – in academia at school, conation to accomplish destination quality  and in finding their desired career later in life.

In order to accomplish their targets , a conscientious person will be authoritative to be hard-working, assign much of their attention and energy towards a specific aspiration. They are more active to persist through challenging resources , and may conclude the influence amongst colleagues of being a  workaholic .

Careers and conscientiousness trait

A high score of conscientiousness in a career analysis is an essential symbol of achievement . One reason is that this domain includes the trait known as need for achievement. These particulars are loyal , coordinated , and endure , which means they will attain their professional goals. Analysis appearance that the conscientiousness personality trait describe to job achievement across distinct categories of occupations. That means that a person who scores big in conscientiousness on a personality test will be better appropriate to execute a job.

Low Conscientiousness

As with other personality aspect , conscientiousness is systematic on a continuum, ranging from low, moderate to high levels of the trait. People who are unconscientious tend to be more disorganized. People with low casual of conscientiousness trait also share to engage in ardent behaviour .

Rather of thinking through an action to its conclusion, an unconscientious person may act spontaneously. For detail , where conscientious people would measure up the assistance and amount of acquiring a new car, an unconscientious person who likes a car may go ahead and investment it, but concern their activities as they assert themselves in due later on.

Unconscientious people are generally more flexible about time keeping  their unpunctuality can authorization them late for work or missing important appointments. They also affectation less target conform behavior and are less driven to succeed than their conscientious counterparts.


Conscientiousness is a  aspect of personality, along with other broad factors – openness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. These aspects pursue the expressed access to personality, which proffer that people commonly generate terms for common traits so that they can describe and discuss them.

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