Personality Trait : Agreeableness

Agreeableness is one of the  personality trait from the five Personality Traits . A person with a high level of agreeableness in a personality test is usually warm, friendly, and tactful. They generally have an optimistic view of human nature and get along well with others.

whose  average is small on agreeableness they may build their private activeness  . They contribute to be inaccessible , unfriendly, and uncooperative.


Person greater in agreeableness is attentive and helpful

Social cooperation is an essential objective for particular that score high on agreeableness in a career test. Agreeable individuals catch it extensive to take along with another . They are responsible to establish away their importance for another people. These particulars are applicable , friendly, attentive , and good . Their common acceptance is that people are usually decent, honest, and trustworthy. Get a free personality check to pride out many about your another Five attribute and to test personality.

Sub traits of agreeableness

Every  personality traits is made up of six facets or sub traits. To check personality, these can be assessed independently of the trait that they belong to. The sub traits of the agreeableness domain are:

1.Trust : 

High Score – consider that people have good acceptations and are accurate .

Low Score – appearance people as egotistical and apart after their own interests. Examine people as a risk to interests and well-being.

2. Morality : 

High Score – Straightforward and sincere. Doesn’t ambience the requirement to manage people to take what they need . simple to connect to.

Low Score – Believes in using a little deception when dealing with people, when it’s convenient. Tends to be devious and secretive.

3. Altruism :

High Score – Feels rewarded when helping others. Action effects for another is not seen as sacrifice . The sensibility of achievement is gat from the act itself.

Low Score – Feels that allowance those in requirement is an cheating . They make it, but it’s not very important for them to do anything about it.

4. Cooperation :

High Score – Avoids confrontations like the plague. Will manage the accord even if it arrangement their own wish and affection , to take along with people.

Low Score – Forces their will to get your way. Intimidation and aggression are some of the strategies they employ.

5. Modesty :

High Score – Doesn’t claim that they’re better than others. Humble. Usually has low self-esteem.

Low Score – Viewed as arrogant. Takes advantage of every opportunity to prove that they’re superior to those around them.

6. Sympathy :

High Score – Easily moved to pity. Feels and relates to the pain of other people.

Low Score – Low empathy. Not inclined to be merciful.


Why is Agreeableness Important?

  • It results in better relationships.
  • It helps you avoid Anger and Aggression.
  • Defend positive reflection about people and conditions extremely correct your well-being.
  • Agreeable parents are most likely to provide guide to their children, provide them a pleasant and protected environment to thrive on.
  • Agreeable people are less prone to cardiovascular diseases.
  • You get into lesser arguments.
  • Attractive in charitable action such as allowance the poor, eating the hungry, and easily being a best friend are rewards by themselves.
  • You minimize hostility in your life and attract positive energy such as friendship, love and cooperation.

Careers and agreeableness trait

Agreeableness is an obvious advantage for building teams and maintaining harmony on the work floor. It’s a evidence that agreeable people are more likeable than disagreeable people. On the other hand, agreeableness may not be appropriate in few employment conditions that wish hard or objective decisions.

The Dark Side of Being Agreeable

  • People tend to take advantage of you.
  • You may be more open to defeat when people let you down.
  • Being a super affectionate person, you will tend to be overly familiar with your colleagues and staff. This might frustrate your rule and expertize .
  • Over-acceptable  people do not struggle and modification the world or anything at all, if it offends anyone. They will control the quality  no entity how they think about it.
  • You are more level to health issues since you think of yourself last.
  • Agreeableness with Low confidence is the more critical of all. You will wish to cheer people and assemble them like you, whatever it takes.
  • Level to concern and doubt about not being liked.

So, Is Being Agreeable a Roadblock to Happiness and Success? 

Anything that is appropriated to the supreme will have damaging results. Being a gracious and correct person, and being a doormat are very different things.

In career advancement, it is often necessary to tell people things they don’t want to hear. Some appearance will be confuse when modification wish  to be form . You will require to blame few people to control their big level of performance. You won’t be able to do this if you’re a doormat who can’t hurt a mouse even if it bit you. Studies appearance that little agreeableness is compulsory to be fortunate in any effort .

In relationships, being too agreeable will mean that you compromise a lot of your own happiness. You agree even if you disagree. You push back feelings of resentment to avoid conflict with your partner.

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